Our Story

BrabenderCox is a full-service political marketing, public affairs, strategic communications and advertising firm that combines innovation, technology, and creativity to solve problems in an adversarial world.

BrabenderCox has earned a reputation as one of the most creative firms in America, winning hundreds of awards for work in both traditional advertising and the digital space. But what has made BrabenderCox truly successful is we’re not just creative, we’re also strategic. In other words, we don’t just win creative awards, we also win tough elections, solve tough problems, and move polling and market share numbers.

Our clients are extremely diverse, and include Presidents, Governors, Senators, Professional Sports Franchises, Fortune 500 Companies, Entertainment and Gaming Resorts, Non-Profit and Healthcare Organizations. BrabenderCox’s clients traditionally are in highly competitive environments, and face aggressive competition, and even adversarial situations.

BrabenderCox is headquartered in the Washington, DC area, with offices in Pittsburgh, PA, and Albany, NY.