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August 9, 2016—BrabenderCox, a national political advertising and public affairs adversarial marketing firm headquartered in the Washington, DC area, announced today that it has expanded into the state of New York, with a new office opening in Albany. The New York office will be run by Tom Dunham, a highly-respected and well-known republican political strategist who has spent almost two decades in the New York State Senate.

As Director of Majority Operations in the Senate, Dunham was a senior advisor to two Majority Leaders and oversaw the New York Senate Republican Conference’s political operation, including the successful recapture of the majority in 2010 and the Conference’s historic 2014 victory where seven new members were elected. Among the 10 most Democratic states in the nation, the New York State Senate is the only Republican-controlled chamber.

Prior to assuming the position of Director of Majority Operations, Dunham was Director of Communications for the Senate Deputy Majority Leader. He has been responsible for drafting and negotiating significant new laws, including the creation of the New York State Office of Medicaid Inspector General. He led the State Senate’s redistricting effort following the 2012 U.S. Census and the State Senate’s NextGen Task Force, which drafted a comprehensive plan to advance the state’s burgeoning biotechnology sector.

“For the past two decades, BrabenderCox has positioned itself as the go-to firm for some of the most difficult and competitive political races and campaigns in the country,” said Dunham. “As one who has spent much of my career in the fast-paced, high-pressure arena of New York State politics, I know how critical it is to partner with a team that understands how to successfully navigate communications challenges and implement solutions that work. As we grow here in Albany, BrabenderCox will continue to be that partner you’ll want on your side.”