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On the Road Again
Why does James Lankford say goodbye to his family... and head to Washington?
A holistic ad campaign highlighting one man's work on behalf of our veterans.
Welcome Sign
All across West Virginia there's a sign... a sign of hope...
Medicare cuts
Only One
Announcement video for US Senator Tom Coburn's re-election campaign.
Why should you listen to some clown who to tell you to vote for for governor?
Just the facts, ma'am. Just the facts.
An animated look at Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard's first term success.
Separated at Birth
Award-winning political mockumentary.  Winner of the 2012 Reed Awards.
Sound of Santorum
Award-winning spot for Best Earned Media around a single event at the 2012 Reed Awards.
Winner of the 2012 Reed Awards Best Web Video on behalf of a candidate.  
Pop Up
An update to a 'signature' BrabenderCox ad highlighting Rick Santorum and his family.
BrabenderCox parodies Jon Huntsman for President announcement video.  See the ad that has sparked national attention.
A quick international tour highlights the need for prescription drug policy reform
What happens when a reformer shows up in town?
Power Center Plus
The debut ad for a new brand.
In 2010, the America that was... is no more. The solution...?
Living it Up
What if one Congressman sent postcards from all his taxpayer-funded junkets?
One Thousand Words
The ad that Charlie Melancon didn't want anyone to see.
Voluntary Confinement
What if criminals all across Pennsylvania started turning themselves in?
Split-screen post-production showcases one crime-fighter's success in reducing drug crime
Son of a Beach
Gas prices sky-rocket.. but what was on the minds of the liberals in Congress?
A dramatic reminder of the facts about Jim Martin and taxes
There's only one word to describe what happened to the state of Washington's budget surplus
The Garden State Strikes Back
The good people of New Jersey react to excessive taxation
Ground-breaking post-production showcases the opposition's problems with taxes
Bad Guys
One public leader failed to look out for Georgia families
Happy Days
A little reminder for the next time you have a bad day
An online sensation... tongue-in-cheek style
Online widgets ask could you go one day without spotting a Jeanne Shaheen tax?
A fast-paced favorite that tells the story of accomplishment - with no voice
Reality Bites
We'll show you just how expensive life would be with Al Franken in the US Senate
It just may have been one of the most bizarre negotiations in the history of mankind
The Journey. A Tribute Video.
Today in Indianapolis, promises are giving way to results....
A humorous look at what a lack of experience can mean.