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On the Road Again
Why does James Lankford say goodbye to his family... and head to Washington?
Total Recall... and a victory in Wisconsin.
The Problem.
"I'm the President." The problem is, things have gotten much worse under President Obama's watch.
A holistic ad campaign highlighting one man's work on behalf of our veterans.
Welcome Sign
All across West Virginia there's a sign... a sign of hope...
What would life be like under a second Barack Obama administration? This web video paints that picture.
This spot from Congressman Todd Young explores the future of health care if ObamaCare isn't repealed and replaced.
Real Life
Pennsylvania Congressman Tim Murphy has accomplished a lot for the people he represents.
Fight Back
To Congressman Todd Young, it's all about Indiana's jobs.
A Better West Virginia
Shelley Moore Capito is fighting for a better West Virginia.
Eric Ulrich will bring his Queens, NY roots with him to the State Senate.
Meet the Parents
Things get real awkward at the dinner table when the daughter’s new boyfriend get into a not-so-typical political debate.
Medicare cuts
Tom Corbett previews his policy priorities - this is not your average town hall.
Not All
"Not All" tells the story of how Congressman Todd Young honored a veteran of the Vietnam War decades later.
Go Figure
Five small business owners sit around a diner table having breakfast, bantering about the mistakes of Congressman Jay Inslee.
For Their Future
The five things you need to know about Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. Tony Bennett.
Susan Brooks knows her real opponents are the big spenders in Washington, DC.
Higher test scores and graduation rates. That's Indiana education under Dr. Tony Bennett.
Rural Route
Luke Messer shares his vision for the future at a rural rally.
Your Choice
At the center of Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign was his plan to create 12 million new jobs.
Don't Settle
This 60-second radio spot uses Mitt Romney's debate monologue to put a human face on Barack Obama's failed policies.
Laughing Matter
Joe Biden's views on our national security are no laughing matter.
After four years of unprecedented unemployment, Mitt Romney's plan will create 12 million new jobs.
Our Navy
Barack Obama thinks that properly equipping our military is something to joke about. The people of Norfolk, Virginia, know better.
Only One
Announcement video for US Senator Tom Coburn's re-election campaign.
A warm reminder of the first term accomplishments of Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle
Featuring the reasons Gov. Linda Lingle pushed for tougher anti-crime laws
Casting welfare reform in a different light
Why should you listen to some clown who to tell you to vote for for governor?
We couldn't have said it any better ourselves.
All Time Worst
More taxes. Less jobs. Two great arguments... one lousy politician.
Rep. Capito talks immigration with WV voters
After filming this, ad we didn't know what to do with all the props.
Just the facts, ma'am. Just the facts.
An animated look at Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard's first term success.
Winner of the 2012 Reed Awards for Best Republican Local ad.
What exactly does Congressman Baron Hill think are good ideas?
One Save
The ad that helped NHL icon Mario Lemieux transition from ice to office
Dr. Tom Coburn -- a candid and compelling interview.
Welcome Prize
With one Congressman's ideas, we might as well put out a welcome sign for illegal aliens!
Penny Lane
Can you spot all of the tax increases?
His Name
A great Hoosier story, told in 30-seconds.
Lady in Red
Making a difference in Washington and Louisiana.
BrabenderCox parodies Jon Huntsman for President announcement video.  See the ad that has sparked national attention.
Other People's Money
"An ad worth watching," according to Politico's David Catanese.
With a little help from our opponent, we're setting the record straight.
In the Ring
PA Small Businesses are struggling for tax fairness
An assault on one of America's most basic rights: the right to vote in private
When gas prices spike, what's it going to take to reduce our dependence on foreign oil?
A quick international tour highlights the need for prescription drug policy reform
Love Triangle
Obama. Reid. Pelosi. They promised change...
What happens when a reformer shows up in town?
Power Center Plus
The debut ad for a new brand.
In 2010, the America that was... is no more. The solution...?
BrabenderCox was proud to serve on the team to re-elect Wisconsin state Sen. Roberta Darling in her hard fought win.
Living it Up
What if one Congressman sent postcards from all his taxpayer-funded junkets?
One Thousand Words
The ad that Charlie Melancon didn't want anyone to see.
Truth Squad
What else would you ever need to know...
Watch the story of a politician's pet project.
Deliver the Day
When a family doctor runs for the US Senate, the film shoots sure can get crowded...
Tapped Out
The latest from Tom Corbett's campaign.
This ad takes the standard testimonial to a whole new level.
Show You
A tour of a California school reveals the need for school choice
Status Quo
If you like the status quo in Washington, then Status Quo Joe is your guy.
Voluntary Confinement
What if criminals all across Pennsylvania started turning themselves in?
For the voters of Oklahoma, this spot served as a little reminder of all the reasons they like Dr. Tom Coburn.
An example of the impact of frivolous lawsuits.
Faces of PA
Workers Compensation Reform for Pennsylvania
Dr. Tim Murphy goes on location to talk about an issue of great importance.
Split-screen post-production showcases one crime-fighter's success in reducing drug crime
Dog House
Wondering what kind of a fiscal watchdog Rep. Brad Carson (D) is?
Not Far
Steady-cam, ramping spot shows how advanced health care really is close to home
Freedom's Watch recognition of Sen. Saxby Chambliss
A dramatic reminder of the facts about Jim Martin and taxes
There's only one word to describe what happened to the state of Washington's budget surplus
Suspended License
An attorney general who's giving parents one less thing to worry about
Wedding Gift
A unique look at one Member of Congress who's done so much for married couples
An interesting presentation on how America can become energy independent
Ground-breaking post-production showcases the opposition's problems with taxes
Bad Guys
One public leader failed to look out for Georgia families
Happy Days
A little reminder for the next time you have a bad day
A fast-paced favorite that tells the story of accomplishment - with no voice
Reality Bites
We'll show you just how expensive life would be with Al Franken in the US Senate
A mosaic gives a face to those hurt by Gov. Chris Gregoire's (D) fiscal mismanagement
Not A Politician
Responding to attacks sometime requires a little finesse... and a lot of honesty
Laser Beam
Special-effects make the case for protecting Social Security
Deficit Diner
Tom Coburn, in his own words, talking about the skyrocketing deficit.
Why is Rick Santorum fighting for mandatory jail sentences...
The Journey. A Tribute Video.
Today in Indianapolis, promises are giving way to results....
A humorous look at what a lack of experience can mean.
An introduction to the next attorney general of Pennsylvania.
Four Stages
Having Football Withdrawal?
Power Action