The BrabenderCox parody of Hollywood’s Save the Day Video clearly resonates with viewers LEESBURG, VA—BrabenderCox, the national political advertising and public affairs adversarial marketing rm that issued a scathing parody of Hollywood’s political Save the Day video has already earned well over ve million views and shares in just days through Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and […]
August 9, 2016—BrabenderCox, a national political advertising and public affairs adversarial marketing firm headquartered in the Washington, DC area, announced today that it has expanded into the state of New York, with a new office opening in Albany. The New York office will be run by Tom Dunham, a highly-respected and well-known republican political strategist […]
Two-hundred and seventy. That’s the number of Electoral College votes one needs to become the most powerful person on earth. And according to most of the so-called experts, it won’t be Donald Trump. While I agree that he is the underdog, a Trump victory is not impossible. Here’s how it could happen. If this were […]
Public relations professional Laura Lebaudy has joined the firm to provide targeted and comprehensive public relations counsel and communications strategy to a growing number of high-profile clients. “We are really excited to be able to bring Laura into the fold here at BrabenderCox,” said John Brabender, Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer of the […]
“HI, I’M A MAC. AND I’M A PC.” How many times have we heard those words? For us political junkies who set our DVRs to record ads and not programs, Apple’s pioneering ad campaign holds a valuable lesson in the brave new world of influencing voters. So what exactly does the Mac vs. PC war […]
As paradoxical as this headline may seem, both statements are emphatically true. TV as a device that singularly receives electronically broadcast visual images is on its last breath… while TV, in reference to programming or content to be viewed, can look forward to a quite healthy and vibrant future. One could even argue that it’s […]
We all know that in advertising, “FAST” is often an understatement. Clients need to be able to respond with lightning speed. And when that means getting a new TV spot from concept to air, it helps to have the latest technology. That’s why BrabenderCox was among one of the first agencies in the country to […]