Who We Are

For years, lousy ads have bored voters to tears. Us too. So we turned the industry on its head. And the results not only win awards; they win elections.

With over 200 campaigns under our belt, we know that no two candidates are the same. No two races are the same. And no two voters are the same.

Great ad campaigns don't just happen. They come from the perfect combination of experience and creative genius. From strategies that pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. Media that reaches more of the right people. Ideas that resonate. Messages that change minds and win hearts. All wrapped up in creative executions that grab attention and don't let go.


Our clients have come to view BrabenderCox not just as an ad agency that shows up just before it’s time to go on the airwaves, but as a partner willing to assist with every facet of the campaign. We believe that voters are dynamic and that every race is different – which is why we take a hands-on, 24/7 approach.

And not all of our results are counted in the ballot box. 

Sure, we've built our reputation in the high-stakes world of political advertising. But we’ve built our business with a client-centered, results-oriented approach across a broad spectrum of sectors -- including healthcare, entertainment, travel and financial.

Big or small, incumbent or challenger, our clients all have one thing in common: an appetite for unmatched creativity.

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